Magazines & Periodicals

In 2010 I wrote my first article for „Katzen Extra” magazine, which marked the beginning of a prolific writing career: In less than eight years, I published more than 90 articles on various aspects of cat behavior, home improvement for cats, feline health and well-being – most of them several pages long – in special interest and consumer magazines.

Swiss Cat Magazine

I am pleased to report that I am a staff author for Swiss Cat Magazine since 2013, where I frequently answer readers’ questions in my own column “Ask the Behavior Therapist”. In case you are wondering why, of all people, somebody from Northern Germany writes for a Swiss publication instead of a German cat magazine, here is the answer: In my opinion, no other publication on the market provides articles of such high-quality, i.e. well-researched and up-to-date, and a comparable mix of scientific texts and entertainment as well as topics of interest to an audience ranging from breeders to animal right activists.

Swiss Cat Magazine is available in Germany via mail order. You can request a free test magazine and find subscription information here.

Are you looking for a cat-competent author with a good writing style (English or Geman)? Contact me!

My Books

Praxisbuch Katzenclickertraining (“Practical Guide to Clickertraining for Cats”; Gräfe & Unzer, 2016)

Basic conditioning, useful exercises for everyday life, trick training to entertain and stimulate your cat’s brain and medical training – here you will find compact, easily accessible instructions for successful clickertraining as well as numerous tips, for example on careful training preparation or training with several cats. All exercises are illustrated with numerous pictures. Via the GU Pet Plus app, you can call up videos on selected exercises.

Katzen mit Geschichte. Ein Ratgeber zur Adoption von Tierheimkatzen (“Cats with a History. A Guide to the Adoption of Shelter Cats”; Books on Demand, 2015)

This book helps you to choose the right cat from a shelter, and you learn how to recognize a trustworthy animal welfare organization. Also covered are European vaccination standards and how to create a cat-friendly home as well as how to tackle possible behavioral problems. It closes with three honest, heart-warming stories of successful adoptions.

Katzenkinder (“Kittens”; Kosmos, 2013 and 2017)

Kittens are uber cute, no doubt! But in order for them to become healthy, self-confident and social adult cats, there is a lot to consider. This book is dedicated to the first year of a cat’s life and conveys basic knowledge for a good start in life – clearly arranged, factual as well as with a pinch of humor and featuring many beautiful photos.

“Katzenkinder” was published in 2013, followed by the Polish edition in 2015. Due to its success, it was reprinted at the beginning of 2017 as a double volume with Denise Seidl’s “Spiel & Spaß für Katzen” (“Games & Fun for Cats”).