Counseling & Therapy

Counseling & Therapy

Fortunately, in most cases cat owners and their feline companions don’t experience any behavior-related trouble – often for as long as the kitty lives. However, sometimes behavioral problems surface that afflict the relationship. If they stay, it will most likely suffer and even involve serious material damage. Typical examples are:

  • House soiling, urine marking (“spraying”)
  • Scratching & tearing of furniture & wallpaper
  • Nightly rioting
  • Aggression against other cats or companion animals
  • Aggression against people
  • Wool-eating and devouring of other inedible materials
  • Attention-demanding behavior

This list is far from complete, but whatever the problem affecting the human-cat relationship may be: I can most likely help your feline friend to get back on track.

All my treatment plans are based on scientific methods derived from behavior biology. In many cases, therapy can be supported by pheromones or Bach flower remedies. Your animal’s health is of great importance for a behavior therapy’s success. Have you already been to the vet with your cat? Health problems have a strong effect on a cat’s behavior, and untreated, painful conditions will impair the success of any therapy.

Counseling Process

During the free initial contact, you describe the problem to me. Depending on where you live, we will arrange a home visit or a consultation by telephone or Skype. If a home visit cannot be arranged due to the distance, I will send you a comprehensive questionnaire prior to counseling. I may also ask you to enclose photographs of “problem zones” in your household as well as an outline of your cat’s habitat, e.g. your apartment or house.

The first home visit lasts 2 to 2.5 hours. During this time, I can assess the situation thoroughly and ask specific questions in order to present you with a package of measures to solve the problem (therapy plan). Often one visit is enough to improve the situation lastingly or even to solve the problem altogether – given you are willing to consequently take the measures we discussed.

Naturally, the transition from counseling to therapy is fluent. If very extensive measures are required, it can be helpful to request a written therapy plan from me.

The first home visit is followed by a telephone feedback talk of about 15 minutes (included in the price of the first consultation), which we conduct 4 to 6 weeks after my first visit. Follow-up visits can be arranged as required. In addition, you can consult me again via telephone or Skype as needed, also as an alternative to a new home visit.

I would like to emphasize that I only use cat-friendly, i.e. species-appropriate as well as humane methods, such as Clickertraining.

I strictly reject “means of education” such as punishment, intimidation or stimulus flooding!

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