Clickertraining for Cats

Clickertraining for Cats

Clickertraining is a teaching method without penalties that not only allows, but encourages cats to take initiative. Actions desired by the trainer are “rewarded” with a clicking sound. This works because the animal has learned beforehand that this sound always announces something pleasant, i.e. the actual reward such as a treat or a caress.

The advantage of the short clicking sound is that you can reward a desired behavior exactly to the second. Correctly learned and used, clickertraining functions like a new language between humans & cats. Many cats noticably enjoy this new way of communicating with their owners – they participate enthusiastically in the training.

Clickertraining in Behavioral Therapy

Positive therapeutic effects of clickertraining are, among others:

  • Insecure cats become more self-confident.
  • Cats bonds more closely with their caregivers.
  • Shy cats open up for (further) learning.
  • Aggressive / hyperactive cats become more settled.
  • Mentally or physically lazy cats are challenged & encouraged.
  • Certain undesirable behaviors can be trained down.
  • Introductions to new cats become less stressful.
  • Frightening situations become more bearable for both cat and owner (being in the transport box / car trips / veterinary treatment).

In order for both sides to enjoy clickertraining, it must of course be tailored to the individual needs of the respective cat and its owner. The actual training sessions are short. Clickertraining only takes a couple of minutes per day.


Lively and especially intelligent cats are often exhausting for their owners. Nothing is safe from them and sometimes something gets broken. Learning mentally and physically demanding tricks is exactly the right thing for such feline bundles of energy – from hat games to agility everything is possible. Of course they can also learn everything else.


After accidents or due to congenital/acquired motor coordination disorders (ataxia), physiotherapy may be necessary to promote or restore mobility, strength and body coordination. Since most cats are difficult to motivate in foreign environments, training at home with the clicker based on your veterinarian’s / physiotherapist’s advice is a cat-friendly alternative.

Of course, clickertraining is not a wonder weapon and not a panacea, but an excellent tool to train cats in a friendly and effective way.

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