Cat welfare

Cat Welfare

Here you can find information about cat welfare topics that I consider relevant, in particular about spaying & neutering and responsible buying/adopting of cats. Both aspects have far-reaching, long-term consequences for cats and their human caregivers.

To Keep Your Cat from Becoming Fair Game…

Please have your cat microchipped and – if you live in Germany – entered in the pet register TASSO e.V. Entry is free of charge and the effort is minimal. Even indoor cats can elope from houses through doors accidentily left open or break out of a transport box. Outside their home they are at greater risk than experienced outdoor cats. And talking about runaway cats: Would you be able to create an up-to-date profile of your kitty if s/he got lost?

Good photos are extremely helpful in searching for a lost cat. Frequently take pictures of your darling while s/he is still growing. Kitten pictures are very cute, but not exactly useful if they are outdated and you are searching for an adult cat.

  • Make sure that distinctive features such as special fur markings, odd eye colors and scars are clearly visible in your photos.
  • If your cat has no distinctive features (for example the fur has one solid color), the overall impression counts: Take pictures that show your kitty in its entirety, ideally in a posture which is typical for that particular animal. The face is also important, i.e. the setting and size of eyes and ears.
  • In addition, write down your cat’s distinctive features. If you are not sure whether your description is precise enough, ask friends and family how they would describe your cat’s appearance.